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Cycles of Life

It’s all coming down to basics for me today. There are so many things to Accomplish and I can’t do any of them. I sit outside, on one of the more beautiful days of creation, and watch my dog. She is very ill; we have known this for a few weeks. Now I am watching and listening so I will know when she tells me she wants to die.

This morning, as I was finishing my coffee, she wanted badly to go outside. I went with her and have been outside now for hours. She paced around for a long time and now is asleep. I check from time to time to be sure she is breathing.

I write. I listen to the birds and the sound of the water. I think about all those I am praying for, one by one, as I dig in the garden. Usually I wear garden gloves when I weed. Today I want to feel the earth, no matter what it does to my nails. I even welcome the stings of the infant nettle coming up, as usual, where least expected.

The wind is chilly, tossing all the new colors about. I think about love, the real kind, the kind where you don’t get to be protected from the dizzying cycle of birth and death, death and birth.

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